Tuesday, July 22, 2014
The filthy river at Bagenalstown Photo: Gil Smyth

The filthy river at Bagenalstown
Photo: Gil Smyth

THE beautiful riverside in Bagenalstown is being destroyed by mindless litterbugs – and locals have appealed to them to stop.

The lock along Bachelor’s Walk in Bagenalstown has become filthy with discarded rubbish, which has built up over the past number of months. Empty cans and bottles, as well as food wrappers, are regularly dumped in the river and have collected by the lock, destroying the peaceful scenery.

According to one local man, the problem is “getting worse”.

“I have noticed that the problem of mineral and beer cans and bottles being dumped in the river is getting worse. It is sad to see that so many people in Bagenalstown have no respect for the beauty of the river, which is a great natural resource for the locality,” Gilbert Smyth told The Nationalist.

A spokesperson for Waterways Ireland urged locals to avoid dumping in the river, which is time-consuming and expensive for staff to clean.

“Dumped or improperly disposed rubbish regularly ends up in the Barrow navigation. The removal work is labour intensive and expensive, involving a machine and dump truck. Waterways Ireland undertakes this work on average four or five times a year. Staff are diverted from other tasks to pull the rubbish into the lock chamber, load it onto dump trucks and take it to Carlow Co Council dump.”

The spokesperson went on to say that this is a “particular problem” at Bagenalstown.

“There are two turbines in operation adjacent to the lock chamber. The turbines create a ‘pull’ or flow on the water in the Bagenalstown canal and rubbish dumped in the stretch of water above the canal becomes trapped against a metal grill at the turbine entrance.”

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By Clare Minnock
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