Wednesday, March 04, 2015

A PAIR of police horses turned heads last week when they went on patrol in Carlow town during Rag Week. The arresting sight of the large Irish draught horses clip-clopping their way down Tullow Street or Dublin Street was the talking point for many of the surprised students who spied them during their week of partying.

“The horses and gardaí came down from garda headquarters in Dublin for Rag Week,” Superintendent Martin Walker told The Nationalist. “They have a strong visual presence and are a great focal point. Horses tend to have a cooling-off effect on people. Who doesn’t love horses?”

Garda Joe Quinn and Garda Tom Grace were the two mounted gardaí, who spent last week patrolling both the town centre, IT Carlow and the estates surrounding the campus.

“The horses are called Ruairí and Fiachra,” Garda Quinn explained. “All the horses we have are called Irish names. They used to be called after Irish legends such as Fionn and Setanta, but we ran out of names!”

Garda Quinn said that the two equine heroes got a great reaction from the public and will continue their stay down the country this week.

“People were surprised to see us at first, but then they’d come up and talk to us,” Garda Quinn said. “They’re great for breaking down barriers.”

The horses, too, seemed to enjoy their sojourn in Carlow and hadn’t come across anything too untoward!

“The horses are used to crowds and all sorts of traffic,” Garda Quinn concluded. “They’re very experienced. It would take a lot to upset them; they’ve seen so much on the job.”

Garda Mounted Unit

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By Elizabeth Lee
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