Wednesday, March 25, 2015

CARLOW post office is to under go an ‘inspiring’ new look motivated by local people whose lives have influenced and captivated the lives of others in the town.

The post office, on the corner of Kennedy Street and Dublin Street, will be quite literally transformed into a gallery of faces, with each of the distinctive 28 green panels surrounding the building covered with a portrait of an individual from Carlow who has been an inspiration to the 28 artists involved in the project.

Names like former Special Olympics world ambassador Ann Hickey, actor/writer Bryan Burroughs and the late Amy Lawler, who touched the hearts of many as she battled cystic fibrosis and inspired the Amy Lawler Memorial Fund, will be just some of the 28 faces featured.

The ambitious collaboration between An Post and Carlow Arts Festival will feature the work of a number artists, under the guiding hand of the Pure Thinking Group.

Work on the exciting new façade has already begun, with a collection of established and amateur artists currently working on their portraits, which will be mounted onto the green panels over the coming weeks.

Well-known artists like Elizabeth Cope, Eileen McDonough and Pat Graffick are among those creating portraits.

Carlow County Council has assisted in clearing the plaza of unwanted signage and the now-defunct phone booths, and it is expected that An Post will replace the mosaic work that features above the entrance to the post office, repaint the building and change the signage.

All the work will be completed to coincide with Carlow Arts Festival, which runs from 29 May to 7 June this year. The portraits will be left in place over the summer months and will undoubtedly get the ‘stamp’ of approval from those happy to see the post office with a fresh new look.

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By Suzanne Pender
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