Wednesday, April 01, 2015

LIVES are being put at risk in a Tullow housing estate because its roadways are too narrow to allow access for emergency services.

Members of Tullow Fire Service were recently forced to go from house to house in Hillbrook Estate, Tullow pleading with residents to remove their parked cars so that a fire engine could gain access to a burning car at the rear of the estate. It’s understood that a resident’s car was “deliberately fire-bombed”, but the incident more shockingly highlighted the serious and potentially fatal consequences of the estate’s narrow roadways.

“Had that been a house fire or someone in danger, it could have had far more serious consequences,” warned Garda John Morrissey of Tullow Garda Station. “It’s a serious issue and an accident waiting to happen for years.”

Chief fire officer Ger Guerin confirmed that parked cars in the estate prevented the fire engine from getting as close to the burning car as they would have wished, but firefighters used an extended hose and were able to “put the fire out as normal”.

“It didn’t delay anything because the hose was able to reach the fire. Members got people to move their parked cars and then they moved the fire engine closer to the fire,” he said.

“It is my intention to look at this issue again and make a report to Carlow County Council on the matter,” said Mr Guerin.

Cllr William Paton highlighted the incident to The Nationalist. It occurred on Saturday 21 March and he expressed deep concern that members of Tullow Fire Service were forced to go door to door to get people to move their parked cars so the fire engine could squeeze through the estate.

“I know of at least two occasions where people have had to be put into cars and driven to the top of the estate to a waiting ambulance because the ambulance couldn’t drive into Hillbrook Estate,” stated cllr Paton.

“This is putting lives at risk and Carlow County Council seriously has to address the issue.”

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By Suzanne Pender
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