Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A YOUTUBE video has painted Carlow as a town of drunken people. The four-minute clip was created on behalf of Barrowvalley Community Church in Graiguecullen by visiting volunteers from the US and South Korea.

A narrator on the Happy Carlow – behind the scenes video said: “Going to the pub a couple of times a week is normal and a source of fun and entertainment for the people of Carlow. People turn to alcohol, drugs, smoking and other things to ignore or forget the problems going on day to day.”

The video includes footage of young women and men out for the night on Tullow Street and claims that 21% of Carlow town deaths are attributed to alcohol, while 63% of women drink during pregnancy.

The video closes with shots of readily identifiable graves in Carlow cemetery and asks: “Most of the people buried in the cemetery – where are they now? Considering the situation in Carlow today, is there hope for them?”

Sinn Féin councillor John Cassin raised the issue at a recent meeting of Carlow County Council, stating the video “painted the town in a bad light”.

“It says we are a town full of drunken people. We are working here to paint Carlow in a good light and I’d ask for them to withdraw it.”

Head Pastor Paddy Grant said the views in the video did not reflect those of Barrowvalley Community Church.

“We want to bring hope to the community, not condemnation,” he said, adding that he was unaware that the video had been posted on YouTube.

“Not one of us can make a claim on where anyone is now or they know more on an eternal issue … it was probably done with good intentions but it was likely to overstate or give generalities that do not reflect us a church.”

Following contact with The Nationalist, Pastor Grant instructed for the video to be taken down.

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By Michael Tracey
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