Wednesday, April 29, 2015

MORE than ten dogs and horses had to be euthanised due to their poor condition following their rescue from a Myshall puppy farm.

340 dogs and 11 horses were saved from what had been described as absolutely appalling conditions by authorities and it represented the biggest dog rescue in the history of Irish animal welfare groups.

The dogs were put into the care of the ISPCA and affiliated organisations. Sadly, nine dogs and puppies, along with three horses, had to be put down.

“Unfortunately, there were a small number of dogs that had to put to sleep, sadly either due to their poor condition or they were extremely aggressive. They just couldn’t be safely rehomed,” said CEO of the ISPCA Dr Andrew Kelly.

There is optimism that all the other dogs, taken from the puppy farm operated by James Kavanagh of Raheenleigh, Myshall, will be rehomed in the coming weeks and months.

The total cost to the ISPCA of treating and sheltering the animals may reach in excess of €50,000. The ISPCA launched a nationwide appeal for donations in response to the Myshall case. As of last week, the appeal had raised tens of thousands of euros.

Dr Kelly said that the public had been very generous, but it still did not come near the total cost.

Dr Kelly added that the ISPCA would be making a claim to recoup the costs in any criminal proceedings. Currently, gardaí are preparing a file for the director of public prosecutions.

“When it does go to court, there is provision under the Animal Health and Welfare Act to apply for costs and we will certainly be putting together something to show how much this cost us. If he has got money, we will be looking to recoup at least some of that.”

Dr Kelly expressed his gratitude to the support of local gardaí, Carlow County Council and affiliated ISPCA groups in dealing with the Myshall puppy farm.

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By Michael Tracey
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