Wednesday, April 27, 2016

A DEVASTATED family awoke from their beds to find their Carlow town home had been deliberately sprayed with a tankload of slurry.

A tractor and slurry tank drove into Monacurragh housing estate in Carlow on the Blackbog Road in the early hours of Friday 15 April and came to a halt outside the home of Joe Curran and Tanya Geoghegan Curran. Slurry was sprayed, hitting the property before the tractor drove off into the dead of night. The family only became aware of it when they awoke the following morning.

We woke up to an unexplainable smell in the house; it was indescribable,” said Tanya Geoghegan Curran. “When we pulled up the blinds, we were faced with our whole front garden and our car covered in slurry. In certain areas of the garden there was in excess of eight inches. It was on the public road, the wall and front garden and on our brand new BMW car.”

Shit car

She added: “I was completely in shock and devastated. Our children were asking what was in the garden … I couldn’t bring my children to school. The car was covered in slurry.”

The clean-up following the slurry spraying is still ongoing, more than a week since the incident. A good chunk of the garden will have to be dug up, while the family car will have to receive specialist treatment. Slurry is corrosive and will eventually damage the car.

If a warm day comes, you can smell it,” said Ms Geoghegan Curran. “Like yesterday − it was beautiful and you could smell it in the morning, smell it in the evening. It’s quite toxic. I’ve been told not to let the children into the front garden. At the end of day, it’s toxic waste that’s been dumped on our house.”

The incident is believed to be connected to a contentious local issue. According to residents, there has been a long-standing issue with overhanging trees and brambles along the road.

Ms Geoghegan Curran, a mother of two children aged seven and three, also admitted to being in fear of her life. A keen runner, she has stopped running in the area for her own safety.

I love where I live, but to have someone come in on the public road and do this at 2am in the morning and dump slurry in over your wall … it’s just outrageous. I can’t run anymore. I felt very violated. The children are still asking ‘where’s the cow poo’ and ‘why were the guards at the house’. It was very negative for us, but he (the alleged culprit) seems to be getting on with his life.”

The matter is under investigation by both gardaí and Carlow County Council and it’s understood the slurry-spraying was caught on CCTV.

The Nationalist contacted the person believed to be responsible for the incident, but he couldn’t be reached.

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By Michael Tracey
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