Wednesday, January 25, 2017

VICTORIA Byrne, a leaving cert student who won the Carlow Lions Club young ambassador of the year competition, has just donated €500 to a teenager who’s receiving cancer treatment.

Victoria was one of seven young people whom the local Lions Club shortlisted for the young ambassador’s prize because of her unfailing commitment to volunteering work and helping local charities.

Bob Jeffers and James Nolan from Carlow Lions Club donate €500 to the Shauntell Tynan fund, with Clare Ryan Principal St Leo’s College and Victoria Byrne Lions Club Young Ambassador winner Photo: Thomas Nolan Photography

Hailing from Maganey, she’s attending St Leo’s College, Carlow and is a friend of Shauntelle “Shan” Tynan. Shan is an 18-year-old girl who’s suffering from Histiocystosis X, a cancer that’s so uncommon that she needs to get treated in the Texas Children’s Hospital, where the world’s only expert is based. However, the cost of the treatment and living expenses is tremendously expensive and so the people of Carlow town and beyond have been raising hundreds of thousands of euros towards the cost. Victoria is one of Shan’s many supporters and friends who has raised money for the cause.

Victoria won the county division of the Lions Club young ambassador competition. She’s been championing Shan’s cause and we in the Lions Club wanted to do something for Shan, too, so we gave Victoria €500 so that she could donate to her,” Bob Jeffers from the Lions Club explained.

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By Elizabeth Lee
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