Thursday, January 26, 2017

THE January transfer market is in full swing and over the weekend two major transfer stories started to develop. Both Diego Costa and Dimitri Payet have fallen out with their respective managers at Chelsea and West Ham and now look set to move away from their clubs.
Costa is being linked with a move to the Chinese Super League and it seems as if there has been a bit of a falling out with Antonio Conte and his head has been turned because of the money that the Chinese clubs are offering.
He has apparently been offered £575,000 a week to move there. Even though he has been in top form and is in the prime of his career, I’m not surprised that his head has been tuned. That sort of money per week is ridiculous and it would be very hard to turn down the move even if he might go for all the wrong reasons.
I know footballers get hammered all the time for chasing the money and I understand it sometimes. But if this was any other line of work we were talking about, you would be questioning the person’s sanity if they turned that money down. I know he is earning very good money now at Chelsea and there have been lots of people on social media saying that he doesn’t need to earn any more, but football is a business and any good business man wants to earn the maximum amount that they can.
Football is a short career and right now some players have the opportunity to play football for 15 or 16 years and earn enough money so they can retire at 34 or 35 and never have to work another day in their lives.
Whether football supporters see this as right or wrong, their judgement is often clouded by how it affects the team they support.
While a lot of the fans are complaining about Chinese clubs “stealing” their players from the ‘best’ leagues in the world, it is particularly ironic that Premier League fans are complaining about it considering the Premier League has basically done the same for the past 25 years. The money in the Premier League is bigger than it has ever been and they haven’t really had any rival to match them until now. I think that in the next couple of years we will see more and more players moving to China.
The Dimitri Payet situation is a bit different than the Costa one where the player has basically refused to play for the club anymore to try and force the move. He supposedly even went as far as saying that he would make up a fake injury to not even train, let alone play.
What he is doing is wrong and no player should do that. His manager Slaven Bilic is furious that the player who has the best contract in West Ham’s history is doing this to try and force a move to a bigger club even though he was once in the exact same situation as a West Ham player.
When Harry Redknapp was West Ham manager, Bilic told him that if anyone gets the chance to move to a bigger club, they have to take it. Even though he had signed the biggest contract in West Ham’s history at that time.
What Bilic did was wrong and what Payet is doing is wrong but Bilic shouldn’t be coming out with comments about being let down and angry with him because he was a player once and he did the same.
Maybe he has forgotten about that and now he is thinking like a manger. But I thought it was an interesting story to hear.
When it all settles down, I fully expect Payet to be sold by West Ham before the end of this transfer window. The way he has behaved, West Ham should make him rot in the reserves until the end of the season.
Unfortunately for West Ham, the reality is Payet isn’t a young player and they need to cash in on him soon to get as much money for him as possible.
On the other hand, I don’t think Diego Costa will leave Chelsea just yet. I just have a feeling he might spend another year or two with the club before he moves on and whether that is to China or back to Spain with his former club Atletico Madrid, who knows. But where ever it is, it will be for a big weekly wage.

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