Wednesday, February 15, 2017

ROCK ’n’ roll reverberated from within the walls of The Vault when this year’s Irish Youth Music Awards took place, with 12 acts vying for a coveted place in the national final.

The music awards are specifically designed to encourage teenagers and young people to write, rehearse, record and perform their own material.

Some on the compeditors in the Irish Youth Music Awards held in The Vault, Carlow Photos: Thomas Nolan Photography

There was a good mix of bands and solo acts this year,” said Paul Amond, youth worker with Carlow Regional Youth Services, (CRYS), which hosts the competition. “This competition is youth-led and is about the participants learning to do everything for themselves. Some of them use The Vault to rehearse on an ongoing basis, while others have taken music lessons or song-writing classes with Music Generation Carlow. They did really well because some great songs were performed in the competition.”

Tadhg Griffin, a keyboard player and vocalist from Carlow town, was democratically chosen by the others to represent Co Carlow in the upcoming final at the Aviva stadium on Saturday 22 April.

From now until then, though, the whole gang of them will have a lot of work to do. They’ll get involved in supporting Tadgh by setting up a mini record company, where they’ll generate marketing and publicity through traditional and social media. They also have to organise fundraising events to get the entire crew up to the Aviva to see Tadgh give the performance of his life.

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By Elizabeth Lee
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