Friday, March 10, 2017

IT was a talking point in the stand. There was no-one from Éire Óg, Mount Leinster Rangers, O’Hanrahan’s or Rathvilly on the team. Half the senior clubs in the county not represented.
Carlow manager Peter McConnon rejected the suggestion there was an issue between the aforementioned clubs and the management team. He said it came down to individuals making their own decisions.
“At the beginning of the year we approached every under-21 footballer that was available in Carlow. Some lads didn’t commit for whatever reason.
“That is a bit of a problem which we have to overcome in Carlow. Certainly, some lads dropped off because they were not committed to the cause and some fellas had other things on the agenda and didn’t commit in the first place.”
He praised his own squad but said they didn’t play as well as they could have on the night.
“You have to go with the lads who want to be there. You have to admire them. I would like to thank them for the efforts they made.
“Tonight we were outfought by a better football team and there is no excuse. Our lads were not up to the fight for whatever reason. If you look back over the games we played this year, this and one performance against Tipperary were as bad as we got. The other matches were very encouraging against Galway, Kildare, and Laois most notably. There was a lot more football in them than they showed tonight.”

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