Thursday, November 09, 2017

CARLOW-based company Netwatch has this week announced ten new positions at its research and development department, Netwatch Visual Labs.

The roles will be with the Agile team, designing and creating applications for desktop, web and mobile platforms (iOS and Android). The software that Netwatch has developed allows simultaneous high-speed processing of multiple video alarms from client sites across the globe. One of the in-built capabilities of the software is the ability to ‘plug in’ to artificial-intelligence processing platforms, which are currently being developed by cutting edge start-ups in Silicon Valley.

“IT Carlow has been fundamental to the success of Netwatch Visual Labs,” explained Declan McGrane, Netwatch CIO. “The bulk of recruits for this department have come from the software development programmes provided by IT Carlow. The quality of the interns and graduates is second to none.

“We recently spoke to a group in Carlow IT about opportunities available in Netwatch and we were delighted with the quality of response to this,” said Mr McGrane.

While Netwatch may be seen as a security company, it is essentially a technology company. It develops technologies that enable a seamless security solution for clients. So in the background there are developers working on and creating software.

Along with providing clients with innovative technologies, Netwatch Visual Labs has highlighted the need to constantly innovate and push the boundaries of what can be achieved. One of the crucial elements of growth has been to develop internal capabilities to enable faster, more informed and integrated decision-making for Netwatch’s ‘intervention specialists’.

“We see this as one of the most exciting developments that could happen in our world, whereby intelligent algorithms can pre-process the video streams and identify or classify the images therein,” said Niall Kelly, Netwatch CTO. “There is automatic screening of activity deemed not to be a threat; perhaps a large animal crossing a perimeter and then presenting the Netwatch intervention specialist with only real alarms that match the threat criteria for that site.”

Netwatch has offices in Britain and USA but is a Carlow-based firm and these ten new positions will be based in the Carlow office. The roles will involve working on applications for all platforms and incorporate all aspects of software development for the Netwatch Communications Hub and Netwatch customers.

“Seeing my code used in a production environment, with instant feedback, is such an amazing and unique experience,” said software developer Jonathan Coffey. “In so many companies, it can be months or years before you get to experience this. Feedback from end users about how I made their life just that little bit easier each day is what fuels my passion and love for the job,” he added.

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By Suzanne Pender
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