Thursday, July 05, 2018

A RECENT memorial walk for a Borris woman raised thousands of euros for the Carlow/Kilkenny Homecare Team.

Well over 100 people joined the family of Grazyna Jordan of Woodlawn Close, Borris to walk from the viaduct in Borris to Coady’s, Rathanna. Grazyna died in February, aged 39, after a battle with cancer. She is survived by her young family, daughter Isabella (4), son Zenon (6) and her husband David.

David Jordan with daughter Isabella and son Zenon present a cheque for €9,250 to Mona McGarry of the Carlow/Kilkenny Homecare Team

The event was organised by David and Grazyna’s sister Agnieszka. Along with a mini-marathon fundraiser, €9,250 was raised for the homecare team by their efforts.

The homecare team provides all medical facilities to cancer sufferers at home, giving them the best quality of life. At any one time, the homecare team is dealing with around 40 families in Carlow.

Grazyna was treated by the homecare team and the Jordan family will always be grateful to the homecare team for their support.

“All we have ever wanted was to help people and families who are in a similar situation,” said David. “The walk was a very hard, very emotional day. We were very overwhelmed with the amount of people who showed up to the walk and to Coady’s in Rathanna afterwards.”

Originally from Poldosze near Krakow, Poland, Grazyna had studied as a social worker before coming to work as a care assistant in Borris Lodge nursing home in 2007. She met David from Rathanna and they married in 2012.

Grazyna was friends with people of many different nationalities and among the walkers were Latvians, Polish and French. David said many who had taken part had commented how special the day had been. “It was beautiful – the weather was lovely and it’s a really nice walk.”

In addition to the memorial walk, Agnieszka and her colleagues at O’Neill’s in Maynooth also raised funds doing the ladies’ mini-marathon. On behalf of himself, children Zenon and Isabella, Agnieszka and Grazyna’s family, David thanked all who supported and attended the event. “We never expected to raise that much money based on the sponsorship cards that had gone out.”

A special word of thanks went to Nellie Coady and her family.

Receiving the cheque on behalf of the homecare team, Mona McGarry thanked the family for their “wonderful kindness”. Ms McGarry said that the homecare operates, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Five full-time nurses are employed, while there are also three time part-time nurses.

“The homecare makes it possible for families to cope,” said Ms McGarry.

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By Michael Tracey
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