Wednesday, February 06, 2019

MOURNERS attending a remembrance Mass in the Cathedral of the Assumption, Carlow for the late Fr John Cummins were outraged when they returned to their cars to find them clamped.

The Mass last Thursday evening saw hundreds of parishioners gather to remember the much-loved former administrator of Carlow Cathedral Parish, who died in a freak accident at his home in Abbeyleix last Tuesday afternoon. Refreshments were served in the parish centre following the Mass, with many parishioners and friends of Fr Cummins coming together to remember him.

Many who came to pay their respects had parked in Tullow Street Car Park, the former L&N car park. While the car park has a number of spaces designated for Carlow cathedral, these spaces are not clearly identified.

It is understood that upwards of eight cars belonging to people attending the Mass were clamped, including a number owned by visiting priests. It is understood that in some case parking tickets had lapsed by a matter of minutes before the clampers struck shortly after 9pm.

Many mourners outlined their absolute disgust on social media, heavily criticising the clampers for “using this tragic event as an opportunity to make a profit”.

Last week, The Nationalist highlighted the concerns expressed by the public about what they believe is “excessive clamping” by RFC Car Park Management, which operates the parking service at Tullow Street car park. Clamping is in operation 24/7, but the lack of signage and lighting at the car park has been severely criticised by many.
The Nationalist has once again this week contacted RFC Car Park Management for a comment on the matter, but at the time of going to press a reply had not been received.

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By Suzanne Pender
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