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WHILE much of the focus was on the club championship draws for the coming year, the Carlow GAA county committee meeting which took place at Netwatch Cullen Park last Wednesday also discussed the high cost of club insurance, player eligibility and the hurling forum.

Operations manager Ronan Dempsey spoke on behalf of the committee and said the recent hurling forum meeting had been very constructive. A working committee has been formed which will look at all issues and recommendations raised.

It was mooted that three Laois teams should be invited to take part in what is provisionally being called a Senior Championship A competition which would involve the second teams of Mount Leinster Rangers, St Mullins and Naomh Eoin and the Bagenalstown Gaels first team.

These seven teams would play a league system with the top two playing a final.

At the end of this process, the four Carlow teams would then play in a Carlow intermediate A championship. This competition would come straight in at the semi-final stage with the four teams pairing up according to how they finished in the Senior A league table.

Players who play senior with their respective clubs would be allowed to come back and play in the Senior A championship involving the Laois clubs, but they would not play in the Carlow Intermediate A championship.

There will also be an Intermediate B championship involving Carlow Town, Palatine, Ballinkillen, Naomh Bríd and Burren Rangers (see draw below).

Club Insurance

County Board chairman Sean Campion said tentative discussions had taken place with Croke Park officials regarding the increasing cost of property and public liability insurance for clubs.

Delegate Eddie Byrne said that something had to be done to solve the problem.

“Next year it will be the same again,” he said. “It will put clubs out of business.”

Campion said GAA Director General Tom Ryan had spoken to his staff about the issue but nothing was set yet.

“We cannot do a thing until we get definite information,” stated Campion.

Childrens Officer Report

Children’s Officer George Darcy expressed sympathy with the family of Eamonn Kavanagh, the young Myshall GAA player who died in an accident the previous Sunday morning.

He complimented the Naomh Eoin club on the sensitive manner in which they handled the situation.

“ I know the GAA is about games but there is a another facet to our life as well,” Darcy reminded delegates.

On more mundane matters, he said six clubs hadn’t provided the names of a designated liaison officer and a children’s officer to him or Carlow county board.

“I won’t name the clubs,” he said, “but it is a serious issue. It is simple. It should be done automatically.”

When pressed to reveal the names of the six clubs he once more refused to do so, but Sean Campion said if clubs hadn’t complied by the next management committee meeting, they would be named.

A children’s officer training night will take place on 28 March. More details to follow. Clubs were reminded correspondence on all children’s related matters should go to the secretary of the senior club.

Under-20 hurling mentors

Sean Campion said he was finding it hard to get mentors to commit to the under-20 hurling management team and appealed to the meeting to help find somebody who would “come in”.

He said he knew of situations where trainers were getting €100 a night to train teams down in Wexford but “were not putting it into their own county”.

“This is sad,” he stated.

Rule 6.8

Under Rule 6.8 which covers a range of laws regarding the eligibility of players to play football with one club and hurling with another, it was pointed out to Tommy Dowling, the Ballinkillen representative, that their under-20 team may have to change their name if they have more than four Kildavin (or other) players on the team.

It could be something as simple as calling the club Ballinkillen Hurling Club instead of just Ballinkillen, the meeting was told.

Sean Campion said the rule had been broken in previous years but that this was a simple oversight and he would get clarification from Croke Park.

2019 Championship Draws

Senior Hurling Championship

Round 1: Ballinkillen v St Mullins, Mount Leinster Rangers v Naomh Eoin

Intermediate A Hurling Championship

This competition cannot be drawn until the Senior A championship group matches have taken place. The top Carlow team in the Senior A will play the bottom placed Carlow team in one semi-final with the other two Carlow teams making up the other semi-final pairing (see report to the left).

Intermediate B Hurling Championship

Round 1: Carlow Town v Palatine; Ballinkillen v Naomh Bríd; Burren Rangers bye

Junior Hurling Championship

Round 1:Naomh Bríd v Naomh Eoin; Carlow Town HC v St Mullins; Bagenalstown Gaels v Mount Leinster Rangers; St Patrick’s bye

Under-20 A Hurling Championship

Round 1: Ballinkillen v Naomh Eoin; Bagenalstown Gaels v Mount Leinster Rangers

Under-20 B Hurling Championship

Round 1: Carlow Town v Naomh Bríd; St Mullins v Burren Rangers

Senior Football Championship

Group A: Éire Óg, Tinryland, Ballinabranna, Old Leighlin

Round 1: Éire Óg v Ballinabranna; Tinryland v Old Leighlin

Group B: Palatine, Mount Leinster Rangers, Rathvilly, Bagenalstown Gaels

Round 1: Palatine v Mount Leinster Rangers; Rathvilly v Bagenalstown Gaels

Intermediate Football Championship

Group A: Naomh Eoin, Éire Óg, Grange, Kildavin-Clonegal

Round 1: Éire Óg v Grange; Naomh Eoin v Kildavin-Clonegal

Group B: Kilbride, Fighting Cocks, O’Hanrahan’s, Clonmore

Round 1: Kilbride v Fighting Cocks; Clonmore v O’Hanrahan’s

Junior Football A Championship

Group A: Tinryland, Old Leighlin, Ballon, Palatine

Round 1: Old Leighlin v Palatine; Ballon v Tinryland

Group B: Éire Óg, Leighlinbridge, Fenagh, St Patrick’s

Round 1: Fenagh v St Patrick’s; Leighlinbridge v Éire Óg

Junior Football B Championship

Group A: Kildavin-Clonegal, Tinryland, Asca, Ballinabranna.

Round 1: Ballinabranna v Tinryland; Kildavin-Clonegal v Asca

Group B: Naomh Eoin, Fenagh, Bagenalstown Gaels, Rathvilly.

Round 1: Naomh Eoin v Rathvilly, Bagenalstown Gaels v Fenagh

Junior Football C Championship

Group A: Clonmore, Fighting Cocks, Leighlinbridge, Palatine, Mount Leinster Rangers

Round 1: Clonmore v Fighting Cocks, Palatine v Mount Leinster Rangers, Leighlinbridge bye

Group B: Ballon, St Patrick’s, Éire Óg, O’Hanrahan’s

Round 1: St Patrick’s v Éire Óg, Ballon v O’Hanrahan’s

Under-20 A Football Championship

Group A: Éire Óg, Bagenalstown Gaels, Palatine

Round 1: Éire Óg v Bagenalstown Gaels, Bye Palatine

Group B: Fenagh, Michael Davitts, Rathvilly

Round 1: Fenagh v Rathvilly, Bye Michael Davitts

(Round-robin with the top two teams qualifying for semi-finals)

Under 20 B Football Championship

Group A: Naomh Eoin, St Patrick’s, Tinryland, Ballon

Round 1: Tinryland v Ballon, St Patrick’s v Naomh Eoin

Group B: Fighting Cocks, Mount Leinster Rangers, Clonmore, Kildavin-Clonegal

Round 1: Fighting Cocks v Mount Leinster Rangers, Kildavin-Clonegal v Clonmore

(Round-robin with the top two teams qualifying for semi-finals)

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