Thursday, March 07, 2019

THERE’S a new inter-agency group of people whose ambition is to improve the general wellbeing and health of the people of Co Carlow. Called ‘Healthy Carlow’, the group wants to create a place where everyone can enjoy physical and mental health and where wellbeing is supported at every level of society.

The Healthy Carlow group is a sub-committee of the Carlow Local Community Development Committee and several other organisations and is administered by the local council. It has identified six areas that it will focus on, including physical health, nutrition, sexual health, mental health, smoking, and addiction issues.

The group’s first event takes place today, Tuesday 5 March, and features Dr Susan Crawford, a specialist in autism and the role of physical activity has on the condition. Dr Crawford’s reputation has preceded her so, unfortunately, that event is already sold out.

The next series in the programme is to help people stop smoking. The ‘Reach out for help –’ programme is taking place at various locations around the county until Friday 8 March. People are being encouraged to spray graffiti-like images and aspirational messages on walls and paths in schools, colleges and businesses. Contact Healthy Carlow if you would like a Reach Out for Help (stencil and paint pack) on

A parents’ information evening on understanding self-harm in young people will take place in the Seven Oaks Hotel on Tuesday 12 March. This event is being facilitated by the Regional Suicide Resource Office and is being run in response to the growth in numbers of children and young people engaging in self-harm. The workshop aims to develop an understanding of self-harm in young people, identify how parents can help and to give them information on relevant supports and services in Carlow. It is open to all parents, grandparents, carers and professionals. Places will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis and a light lunch will be served. The event will run from 12.30pm to 2pm. To book a place, please email

An ‘Adverse childhood experiences’ workshop for educators, community workers and other professionals will take place in the Seven Oaks Hotel on Tuesday 19 March. This workshop will address the impact of childhood trauma caused by adverse experiences in childhood, such as family violence, racism, living in a family where there is substance misuse, physical, emotional and sexual abuse, neglect, having a parent in prison, divorce or separation. Local services providing resilience programmes in Co Carlow will give presentations on the programmes they provide. To book a place, email

Another lecture, ‘Understanding self-harm – training for educators, community workers and other professionals’ will take place in the Cathedral Parish Centre, Carlow on Friday 22 March. To book a place, email

Places will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

On Tuesday 26 March, a talk about cannabis called ‘Weed, is everyone doing it?’ will take place in the George Bernard Shaw Theatre, Carlow. It’ll take place from 7.15pm to 9pm and bookings are through Eventbrite. Guest speaker Philip James, an expert in adolescent substance use and mental health, will provide information on how to talk to young people about substances, prevention and the impact of cannabis on mental health. It will also include information on supports available and the legal implications of drug use among young people.

John Leahy, a HSE drug education officer, Elaine Rowe, a Garda juvenile liaison officer, and community-based drugs worker Angela Keogh will be there to answer questions.

For more information, email or visit the Carlow Community Facebook page.

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By Elizabeth Lee
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