Thursday, May 09, 2019

CARLOW must discuss the possibility of having a supervised injecting facility in the town to tackle our drug crisis, according to a local election candidate. People Before Profit’s Adrienne Wallace this week spoke out about the shocking discovery of a bag of drug paraphernalia by a Carlow town residents’ association, which featured on the front page of last week’s Nationalist.

Residents in the Burrin Road area made the worrying discovery on a green area close to their estate while carrying out a community clean-up. The bag contained used syringes and blood swabs, leaving residents feeling physically sick.

In light of the discovery, Ms Wallace believes a discussion on the prospect of supervised injecting facilities (SIFs) for Carlow has to be had. “We were lucky that no young person stumbled across that bag, and lucky that no-one accidentally stepped on a needle, but next time it could be very different,” she said.

“We have a duty of care to our community and the children growing up in Carlow. If we want to solve this problem safely, we need a different approach. Serious drug use, like heroin, needs to be looked at as a health issue,” said Ms Wallace.

“SIFs are a clean, safe, healthcare environment, where people can inject drugs obtained elsewhere under the supervision of trained health professionals. They offer a compassionate, person-centered service, which reduces harm.”

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By Suzanne Pender
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