Wednesday, May 15, 2019

NO posters, no canvass, no photo on the ballot paper … and, come election day, he’s actually taking to the seas to become the dashing Captain Flint.

Well-known local optician Bernard Jennings this week announced his candidacy as an independent in the Carlow Municipal District local elections, but has puzzled a curious electorate by taking the extraordinary stance of asking voters not to vote for him. In fact, on election day, Friday 24 May, and for the following day’s count, while his fellow candidates are sweating it out, Mr Jennings is on stage in the George Bernard Shaw Theatre for Slapdash Theatre’s production of Treasure Island.

When contacted by The Nationalist, Mr Jennings stuck to his media blackout stance, but admitted that he had decided to run “for personal reasons”, which will be made public following the election.

“I’m asking people not to vote for me … who’d want to be a councillor? But I am very worried about the disturbing Russian influences that have been all over the media,” he quipped.

“The reaction, it’s fair to say, has been amusement and fear from some of the councillors, but apart from that, people have been wishing me well,” said the unconventional candidate. “In the unlikely event that I am elected, I make two promises: to do my best, guided by the principals of commonsense and motivated by the interest of Carlow town and county, and in my maiden speech to sing Follow Me Up to Carlow in a Wicklow accent.”

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By Suzanne Pender
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