Tuesday, September 17, 2019

“WE used to swim down there as children; now you wouldn’t even put your foot it in,” complained a Carlow town resident sadden by the appalling sight of rubbish dumped in the River Burrin.

Tina Fennelly from Quinagh contacted The Nationalist this week to highlight the problem of illegal dumping at the river, which is turning this tranquil beauty spot into an unsightly dump. While walking her dog Clara along the Burrin near the Rivercourt housing estate last Friday, Tina spotted a number of black sacks filled with refuse sitting on top of the weir.

“The black sacks were just sitting on top of the weir at the Burrin. You could see they were filled with domestic rubbish and in one of the photos I took a crane is actually sitting on top of the bag of rubbish.

“It’s terrible. It’s sad to think that no-one is maintaining the river. There’s shopping trollies in it, bicycles, and a tree fell into it last year and hasn’t been removed, so rubbish is gathering underneath that. It’s sad to see it.

“The river is very narrow in spots, so you would be concerned about flooding when all this rubbish is gathering in it,” said Tina.

Carlow County Council director of services for the environment Dan McInerney stated that the council has two litter wardens who continually monitor the problem of illegal dumping, particularly in known black spots, often with the use of CCTV.

“It tends to happen at particular black spots, but unfortunately when we get one black spot sorted, it goes elsewhere,” said Mr McInerney.

“We use a lot of our resources on the problem, resources we would much rather use elsewhere for other services.”

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By Suzanne Pender
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