Wednesday, October 30, 2019

ONE of Ireland’s largest international karate tournaments was hosted by Carlow Karate Club recently in the Dolmen Hotel, Carlow.

The well-attended tournament, held over two days, saw 480 entries from many karate styles which made for very a interesting display.

Participants from England, Wales, Scotland and all over Ireland competed and referees with international status were impressed at the high standards throughout.

The international tournament on day one showcased enthusiastic martial artists ranging in age from five to 13. The novice sections were very exciting as ninjas and samurais gladly showed their skills in kata and kumite (fighting) for their first ever competition.

Carlow KC students Jasmine McDarby, Hayley Geoghegan and Emilia Taraszka on the podium proudly displaying their silver medals for kata

The following Carlow KC novice karateka participated: Noel Murphy, Miriam Ahmed, Olan Sheehan, Tadhg Ryan, Abdulrahman Elkhlifa, Pola Nowakowska, Michael Lyons, Marwan El Sadig, Michael Wang, Filip Ogrodnik, Levi Osaro, Dylan Murnane, Carlie Dowling, Mayar Elkhlifa, Sean O’Brien and Eryk Ozga

Day 2 focused on participants from 14-40+ for cadet, junior, senior and veteran categories.

The standard was extremely high this year.

Carlow club members of all ages trained hard in the months prior to the tournament and did not disappoint, claiming 88 medals (36 gold, 33 silver and 19 bronze).

The team kumite (fighting) was one of the highlights as Ireland fought English, Scottish and Welsh teams.

The CKC cadet international team won gold against England on Sunday. The team of Carlow students Annelie Burke, Katelyn McNamara, Laura Heffernan, Rhys Geoghegan and Jack Ralph did us proud.

The senior international team comprising of Carlow students Jasmine Byrne (BKC), Dervla Doyle McKevitt, Jamie Byrne and Sarah Furey (CKC) narrowly missed out on gold, winning silver against Scottish and English competitors.

It was a massive weekend for karate and a great honour for Carlow Karate Club to host the event.


Tadgh Heary (1st kata, 2nd team kumite, 2nd tag team), Daniel Butler (1st kata, 2nd kumite, 2nd tag team), Senan Sheehan (3rd kata, 2nd tag team, 2nd team kumite), Sean McNally (3rd kata, 1st kumite, 2nd team kumite), Emilia Taraszka (2nd team kata, 3rd team kumite), Jasmine McDarby 1st kata, 1st kumite, 1st team kumite, 2nd team kata, 2nd tag team), Hayley Geoghegan (2nd kata, 3rd kumite, 1st team kumite, 2nd team kata, 2nd tag team), Niamh Ralph (1st kata, 1st kumite, 1st team kumite, 1st international Jnr, 2nd team kata), Emma Lyons (3rd kata, 3rd kumite, 3rd team kumite), Pola Novaswski (3rd team kumite), Cian O’Connor (3rd kata, 1st kumite), Donny Brennan (3rd kata, 2nd kumite), Kian McDarby (3rd kata, 1st team kumite, 2nd team kata), David Korposh (1st kumite, 1st team kumite, 1st international Jnr, 2nd team kata), Kelly Wang (3rd kata), Annelie Burke (1st international cadets, 2nd team kata, 3rd team kumite, 2nd team rotation), Katelyn McNamara (3rd kumite, 1st international cadets, 2nd team kata, 3rd team kumite, 2nd team rotation), Laura Heffernan (1st international cadet, 2nd team kata, 3rd team kumite, 2nd team rotation), Jack Ralph (1st kumite, 1st international cadet, 2nd team kata), Rhys Geoghegan (1st kata, 1st international cadet, 2nd team kata), Sorcha Doyle McKevitt (1st team kata), Dervla Doyle McKevitt (2nd kumite, 2nd international Snr, 1st team kata, 1st team kumite, 2nd team rotation), Jamie Byrne (2nd international Snr), Sarah Furey (1st team kata, 2nd international Snr, 2nd team rotation, 1st team kumite), Charlie Dowling (1st kumite), Michael Lyons (1s kumite), Olan Sheehan (1st kumite), Levi Osaro (2nd kumite), Filip Ogrodnik (2nd kumite), Tadgh Ryan (1st kumite), Sean O’Brien (1s kumite), Marwan El Sadig (2nd kumite) , Noah Murphy (1st kumite), Mayar Elkhlifa (2nd kumite), Abdykkragab Elkhlifa (2nd kumite), Miriam Ahmed (1st kumite)

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