Thursday, December 19, 2019

By Kieran Murphy

KILLERIG golf club members have been told at an extraordinary general meeting that the club is set to close.

At Friday night’s EGM, after a long discussion, members decided it wasn’t viable to continue and they had no option but to close the course and clubhouse.

Killerig Castle Golf Course was originally run by the Dillon family from Killerig but in 2014, when it looked as if the course was set to close, the members took it over and called it Killerig Members Golf Club.

Improvements were made to the facility which included a new irrigation system and former captain and current secretary Eamonn Fingleton said he was particularly proud of all the work which was carried out on the course.

“We did a great job with the greens and fairways which had dramatically improved over the last few years,” he said, while admitting he will miss the unique features of the clubhouse.

“That was one thing we loved about Killerig. It was the clubhouse. It will be missed by members and locals.”

At the time of closing, membership stands at approximately 100 with a yearly membership fee of €650. Fingleton pointed out that the pressure came on when machinery broke down and had to be replaced. They were going to the same people for help and, quite often, those people were club members.

“We tried everything. We felt if we put up the membership fee by another €100 we could lose members and then we would have been back to square one,” Eamonn said.

All this was put to the members at the EGM.

“It wasn’t unanimous, but there was a majority who agreed we should pull out,” Eamonn revealed.

He thanked the committee of 11 who will ensure that when the club closes down they will not owe money to anyone.

“It wasn’t viable any more. I want to thank all the volunteers who kept the place going. We will pay our debts. We will go out with our heads held high,” he promised.

“We are all very sorry to see it go.”

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