Monday, January 06, 2020

ALLEGATIONS of drug use, violent anti-social behaviour and access to the building being given to domestic abusers have been levelled at a property used by the council for emergency accommodation. Cllr Adrienne Wallace made these allegations against The Charlotte Rooms, a property off Tullow Street, Carlow that’s regularly used by the local authority for emergency accommodation.

“The Charlotte Rooms are not fit for purpose,” said cllr Wallace at the most recent meeting of Carlow County Council.

The People Before Profit councillor claimed that the access code to the property was being “handed out to people”, often putting the mother and child victims of domestic violence in danger when their ex-partner gains access.

She stated there had been reported drug use, the smell of marijuana and “loads” of late-night incidents. Cllr Wallace claimed these incidents had been made known to the council, adding that it was “not the first time these issues have been flagged”.

Cllr Wallace described herself as “shocked” when she asked council officials who owns the property, only to be told it was “commercially sensitive”.

“Whose side are you on? We have a duty of care to our tenants and to keep them safe, especially when some of them are going through the worst period of their lives,” declared cllr Wallace.

“This is extremely worrying and we need to take direct action. If this property is being funded by the state, we have a duty of care to the people living there,” she insisted.

Cllr Wallace called on a housing liaison officer from the council to visit the property once a week and for social workers to be available to its tenants.

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By Suzanne Pender
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