Wednesday, January 15, 2020

ALL primary and post-primary schools in Carlow will receive a new grant to buy key technology such as PCs, laptops, tablets and projectors, according to deputy Pat Deering.

Yesterday (Monday), the Carlow deputy announced details of significant grants to spend on ICT (information and communication technologies) infrastructure, which can also be used on cloud-based tools and software applications to support learning.

“This is part of a €50 million investment in ICT infrastructure for all primary and post-primary schools. It is the fourth year of funding under the government’s ***Project Ireland 2040***, which takes total spend on digital strategy for schools’ ICT infrastructure fund to €160 million,” said deputy Deering.

“Carlow schools with 100 pupils can expect to receive around €5,000 and those with 500 pupils will receive up to €18,000. At post-primary level, a 500-student school will receive almost €22,000 and for a school with 1,000 students the grant will be worth €41,000,” he added.

“This builds on the funding already allocated. In the first three tranches of the ICT grant, a primary school with 100 pupils would have received €14,000 and a primary school with 500 pupils €46,000. At post-primary, the first three payments were worth €60,000 for a school with 500 students and €112,000 for a school with 1,000 pupils.”

A circular with full details for schools, including the application process, will be published shortly.

“This is hugely significant funding, bringing schools up to the minute in terms of the available technology and ensuring that children have the best possible tools to support their learning,” said deputy Deering.

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By Suzanne Pender
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