Thursday, January 16, 2020

EMERGENCY vehicles are blocked from accessing some houses in Hillbrook Estate, Tullow unless residents move their cars. The unacceptable situation was discussed at last month’s meeting of Tullow Municipal District as part of a notice of motion put forward by cllr William Paton. Cllr Paton’s motion called on the council to examine the possibility of providing an access road to the lower block of Hillbrook Estate from the existing estate road network.

“Emergency appliances can’t get through – they are blocked unless people come out and move their cars,” said cllr Paton, adding that the motion needed to be “seriously considered”.

Cllr Charlie Murphy supported the motion, adding that “the whole place was full of cars”.

Area engineer Pat Harrington accepted that due to the increased number of residents’ cars in the estate, parking is an issue. He stated that at the February meeting he would bring forward some proposals for councillors’ consideration and would include it in the programme for 2020.

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By Suzanne Pender
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