Thursday, February 13, 2020

THE juvenile section of St Laurence O’Toole AC and Ardattin AC travelled in force to the Leinster indoor juvenile athletic championships in Athlone.

With some standout performances, the clubs really punched above their weight and must rate as one of the best county performances over the past number of years.

St Laurence O’Toole took home 11 gold, three silver and seven bronze medals. Alan Miley in the boys U19 was in top form, taking home three gold. Aaron Shorten coasted home in the 800m final with a time of 1.55.28.

Coaches Michael Garrigan (left) and Billy Delaney (right) with Arabella Adekoya, Jennifer Sawyer and Ellie and Zoe Garrigan

Other outstanding performances to capture Leinster titles were Laila Callinan, Callum Shorten, Jennifer Sawyers, Kieran Cooper, Ciara Moore, Colin Kelly and Adam Nolan.

Ellie Garrigan was delighted when stepping up on the podium to collect bronze in the U12 long jump. Club athletes from Carlow performed really well in their events, some getting to the podium.



Long Jump Ellie Garrigan Final 3rd 3.71; 60m Lucie O’Reilly Heat 5 6th 9.95; 600m Lucie O’Reilly Heat 3 4th 2.09.77; High Jump Lucie O’Reilly Final 8th 1.00; 600m Jack Mahon Heat 1 6th 1.59.86; 600m Leah Wall (Ardattin AC) Heat 4 12th 2.20.21


60m Eanna Dunican Heat 4 4th 9.33; 60mH Eanna Dunican Final 6th 11.39; Long Jump Eanna Dunican Final 15th 3.20; Long Jump Katie O’Reilly Final 17th 3.52; 60m Katie O’Reilly Heat 6 6th 9.31; 600m Katie  O’Reilly Heat 3 7th 2.06.21; Long Jump Katie Myers Final 27th 3.28; Long Jump Saoirse Byrne (Ardattin AC) Final 23rd 3.37; 60m Saoirse Byrne (Ardattin AC) Final 7th 8.91


Shot Chloe Ryan Final 2nd 11.12; 60m Chloe Ryan S-Final 7th 8.80; High Jump Emily Lawlor Final 8th 1.30; 60m Emily Lawlor Final 7th 8.58; 60mH Emily Lawlor Heat 2 5th 10.22; Shot Lucy Myers Final 8th 8.04; 60m Lucy Myers Heat 5 3rd 9.07; 60m Aine Hickey Heat 6 6th 9.16; 800m Mischa G Cassells Heat 3 11th 3.19.71; 800m Conor Byrne (Ardattin AC) Heat 4 7th 2.43.23; U15; Shot Callum Shorten Final 1st 14.42; 60m Leila Colfer Final 4th 8.42; High Jump Leila Colfer Final 6th 1.40 ; Long Jump Leila Colfer Final 4th 4.70; 60mH Sophie Myers Final 6th 9.99; 60m Caoimbe Byrne (Ardattin A C) Heat 2 5th 9.31; 800m Caoimbe Byrne (Ardattin AC) Heat 4 5th 2.42.07


60mH Laila Callinan Final 1st 9.68; 200m Roisin Carroll Heat 2 3rd 28.75; 1500m Juan Lucas De Fuente Final 4th 4.24.26; 60m Roisin Carroll Final 8th 8.64; 60m Rachel Hickey Heat 2 4th 8.58


60mH Jennifer Sawyer Final 1st 9.44; 60mH Adam Nolan Final 1st 8.54; Long Jump Kieran Cooper Final 1st 5.93; 60mH Kieran Cooper Final 2nd 8.86; 60mH Arabella Adekoya Final 2nd 9.68; 200m Jennifer Sawyer Final 3rd 26.08; Long Jump Jack Murphy Final 3rd 5.57; 400m Adam Shaw Final 3rd 55.03; 200m Arabella Adekoya Heat 2  2nd 27.47; 60m Jennifer Sawyer Final 4th 8.12; 200m Adam Shaw Final 4th 24.29; 800m Shiela Doyle Final 5th 2.33.02; 1500m Tom Treacy  Final 11th 4.49.86


800m Aaron Shorten Final 1st 1.55.28; 60mH Colin Kelly Final 1st 9.41; 400m Ciara Moore Final 1st 1.00.29; 60mH Zoe Garrigan Final 2nd 9.66; 400m Zoe Garrigan Final 3rd 1.02.86; 200m Ciara Moore Final 3rd 26.27; 60m Colin Kelly Heat 1 7th 7.69; 60m Oisin Shannon Heat 2 5th 7.85; 200m Oisin Shannon Final 8th 25.87; 800m Georgina Fitzgerald Heat 1 8th 2.46.11; 800m Elsa Doyle Final 5th 2.33.28; 400m Aibhe Kiernan Final 5th 1.04.41; 60m Jeremiah Duru Final 4th 7.37


400m Alan Miley Final 1st 51.55; 200m Alan Miley Final 1st 22.93; 60mH Alan Miley Final 1st 8.54; 800m Corrine Kenny Final 3rd 4.56.81; 400m Aoife Carroll Final 6th 1.07.37

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