Friday, March 20, 2020

Last week was a very unusual and difficult one for everybody, no matter what line of work you are in. The majority, if not all, of sport near and far has now been suspended with immediate effect due to the Coronavirus outbreak.
We trained as normal at Newport County last week but obviously we were taking precautions in and around the training ground to try and make sure we weren’t spreading the virus.
Last Friday we got confirmation that the Premier League and the English Football League were suspending all leagues until 4 April.
It was a very unusual day as we had started to prepare fully for our game on Saturday but when word came through at 11am that it was off, we weren’t sure what to do.
The manager gave us a few days off and we are due back in this week because we can’t lose too much fitness. But at the same time, we aren’t fully sure if it will be back on 4 April.
We are taking all the necessary advice from the medical professionals and hopefully it won’t be too long, and everyone can get back to enjoying sport in the coming weeks.
As frustrating as it is for everyone to not be playing sports, the governing bodies have certainly made the right call to suspend all activities. They had no choice and I’m surprised it took until Friday for the decision to be made. The main thing is that they made the right decision but no-one knows what will happens in the future.
There are major problems and decisions ahead for the Premier League and EFL about what will happen if the season is suspended with big implications for clubs at all levels. Some clubs will be struggling without a source of income and, in turn, players will be affected.
Some are saying the season should be declared null and void which I don’t think should happen. The likes of Liverpool, who are so far clear at the top of the table, shouldn’t have their probable first Premier League title taken away from them and the same goes for all those teams in the promotion places all the way through the football pyramid. I don’t know what solution is best but I am glad I am not one of the decision makers.
Some things are more important than sports and I know there are a lot of people affected badly by the Coronavirus. I hope everyone who has it can get better soon. And it’s not only those who have it who are being affected. People are out of work for a couple of weeks minimum so hopefully everything settles down as soon as possible. But that will only happen by listening to the advice of people who know what they are taking about.

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