Tuesday, March 24, 2020

KIND gestures from businesses all over the county this week have typified the belief that by staying apart we can pull together. In an act of extraordinary generosity, over the past week, Brooks at Dinn Rí have been providing sandwiches and a selection of food free of charge to doctors’ surgeries and pharmacies in Carlow town.

“We just wanted to support our doctors and pharmacies, who are just so busy at the moment,” said a spokesperson for the well-known Carlow establishment. “John McLoughlin (the owner of Dinn Rí) just really wanted to do something. Originally it was just Lloyd’s Pharmacy beside us, then we tried to get out to a few more and now, today, we hope to get to as many doctors’ surgeries and pharmacies in Carlow town as we can.”

Many householders in Carlow town opened their front doors last week to find two litres of milk courtesy of the Village Dairy, a local business based in Killeshin.

“It all came about last Tuesday morning, when all the businesses started to close and we had fresh milk there and we decided to give it out to all the households rather than let it go off,” explains Noel Barcoe of Village Dairy. “Most of the coffee shops and hotels had closed and gave their supplies to the different charities, so we gave ours to a couple of hundred houses instead.”

Village Dairy delivered two litres of milk to housing estates in Graiguecullen, Burrin Road, Tullow Road, Pollerton, Athy Road and Oak Park, with people delighted to open their doors to discover such a generous gesture.

“People have been phenomenal since … I couldn’t believe it,” said Noel. “We were thinking about a delivery service and doing door-to-door if there was enough interest, but we weren’t sure. Then, the following day after giving out the free milk, people started ringing to order milk.

“Even today, I got a call from a family in Idrone Park and an order for delivery on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday … a phone call like that, well, it’s absolutely humbling to be honest,” added Noel.

Carlow pizza lovers were also impressed by the generosity of Italian restaurant Caffé500 on Kennedy Street, which handed out an incredible 360 delicious margherita pizzas free of charge last week.

“I had flour and mozzarella left over, so instead of putting them in the freezer for when we open again, I decided to do this for the customers,” explained Marco de Felice of Caffé500.

“The response was phenomenal. We had requests for 1,600, but that was not possible, so instead … 360 pizzas,” he adds “Everyone was very happy.”

Marco has been living in Carlow since 2013 and, like everyone, has been deeply saddened by the nightly images coming from his Italian homeland.

“My family has been on lockdown for two weeks. There have been 50 cases in my home town, which is in central Italy between Rome and Naples,” explains Marco. “It has been very sad and I’m really afraid for here, too.”

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By Suzanne Pender
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