Tuesday, June 30, 2020

A JUDGE remarked that the vast majority of people do not realise they face a driving ban if they are found to have no insurance.

Judge Flann Brennan made the remarks as he struck out one of several no insurance cases at last week’s sitting of the district court in Carlow.

A conviction for no insurance typically results in a two-year mandatory driving ban unless there are special circumstances. In cases that appeared before the travelling judge, there were no special circumstances argued to retain a licence. However, Judge Brennan opted to strike out the insurance charges altogether, as opposed to imposing a conviction and ban.

In one such case, defending solicitor Joe Farrell said his client was “well aware a disqualification will flow” from the offence. “He knows he will be impacted but is ready to deal with this.”

Judge Brennan had initially indicated he would impose a €100 and a ban on the defendant, but then decided to dismiss. He imposed a €200 fine on the driving licence charge.

“The consequences are very serious; do not drive without insurance,” he said. “It’s your good fortune you were not in an accident.”

Mr Farrell replied: “It’s his good fortune he picked the right day to be here.”

Judge Brennan remarked: “The vast majority of people would not realise there is a mandatory disqualification for driving without insurance.”

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