Friday, July 31, 2020

By Elizabeth Lee

LOVE To Draw Carlow is an upcoming project that encourages people to draw their surroundings and what they see in their daily lives.

Over four weeks in September, the artists will create a visual description of Carlow today. It involves collaborations with individuals from diverse backgrounds to draw some images, which will then be added to a communal sketchbook. The works created will go on to form part of a curated exhibition in the Glucksman Gallery in Cork in November, which is organised by Voluntary Arts Ireland.

Take A Part Carlow is inviting people to take time out of their day-to-day lives and draw their surroundings. Over time, the collection will become alive with drawings and will provide an opportunity to explore Carlow through the eyes of the artist.

Facilitated by artist Eilish Langton, the overall aim of this project is to encourage groups from diverse backgrounds, who wouldn’t normally do so, to get involved in the drawing. Another aim is for the artists to develop an interest and level of skill in drawing, while growing an appreciation of the visual arts.

Speaking about the project Eilish explains: “The theme for the project is Drawing Our Communities (based on the works of Carlow artist Frank O’Meara,1853-1888). We would like to take you on a journey to learn to draw in plein-air style (drawing and painting outdoors) and capture our surroundings in Carlow based on Frank O’Meara’s early days drawing what he saw: buildings, rivers, bridges and nature.”

So how can you get involved? If you are over 16, living in Carlow and interested in art and willing to try your hand at drawing, Carlow Arts Office would love to hear from you. Places are limited, but you can register your interest by emailing [email protected] or message 087 2292656.

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