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The longest spud in Carlow?


Daniela Bogdon and her children Eva and Victor from Castlewood Gardens in Carlow. Photo:



By Elizabeth Lee

IS THIS the longest spud in Co Carlow? Measuring 10.2 inches or 26cm long, Daniela Bogden, who grew the tuber, believes that it just might be!

I rent an allotment from the county council, where I grow vegetables and fruit. My kids love to come along and collect the potatoes with me, but when we were digging this one up, it just kept on coming! We were amazed by it!” laughed Daniela.

She credits the great Carlow soil for her bounty and believes that it’s particularly good for cultivating potatoes.

The green-fingered mother of two not only grows the humble spud but she also cultivates tomatoes, onions, French beans, aubergines and peppers as well as raspberries in the rented allotment near her home in Castlewood Gardens.

I was never into gardening or growing vegetables when I was growing up in Romania and I was always giving out to my parents for dragging us around gardening places, but now I love it. I love my garden and I love the allotment. I love cooking with the produce that I grow and I like to share it out among my neighbours here in Castlewood Gardens,” added Daniela.

Daniela and her husband grew up together in Transylvania, Romania. They even got married in Count Dracula’s castle and though they both love their native country, the couple decided to move to Ireland seven years ago to build a life with their growing family.

They now have two children, Eva (9) and seven-year-old Victor, who appreciated their mother’s gardening skills and particularly her prowess with potatoes!

That potato is no more because I made crisps out of it. I’m making really great crisps from the crop of potatoes so my kids are delighted! My crisps are fresh and crispy, much better than Tayto’s!” she laughed again.

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