Friday, December 11, 2020


A DISTRICT court judge refused to accept jurisdiction in an assault case after she heard it was alleged that a woman had been punched, hit with a belt and bitten.

The defendant, who cannot be named as the case involves a safety order which is an ‘in camera’ matter, is charged with assault and breaching a safety order in September 2019.

It was the first time the matter was before the court and Judge Geraldine Carthy heard an outline of the allegations to decide whether to accept jurisdiction to deal with the matter summarily in the district court.

Sergeant John Foley said it was alleged the defendant entered the house where a safety order was in place and “before saying a word punched the injured party in the head”.

“She fell to the floor and he continued to punch her,” he said.

It is alleged the defendant then pulled the injured party by the leg into the garden and she suffered scrapes to her body.

It is also alleged the man took off his belt and struck her legs with it. The court was told the defendant had bitten the injured party on the back and side, leaving half a dozen visible marks.

Judge Carthy refused direction and adjourned the case until 6 January for the DPP to review directions.

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