Friday, January 22, 2021

One of Timber Living’s log cabins. Workers are increasingly looking for log cabins in the age of remote working

A CARLOW company has benefited from the rise in remote working with people looking for ‘garden offices’.

Timber Living, based in Tullow, which has provided log cabins for almost 40 years, has seen a recent rise in demand for its product.

“There has been a (rise) for office but also for residential as well,” said Fergus Joyce, who runs Timber Living with his wife Valerie.

The demand has seen a lengthy wait nationally for workers seeking their own cabin office.

“There is quite a big demand for timber at the moment, quite a lot of it coming from the Baltics,” said Mr Joyce. “The lead-in has gone to two/three months. We are taking orders for July now.”

The company currently employs eight people with showhouses in Roscommon and Cork and it’s likely to achieve €3 million in sales this year.

With the announcement last week that employees will soon have the right to work from home, Mr Joyce believes the recent demand is not a blip, while log cabins have become increasingly popular for residential purposes. And because they have become cosier and more energy efficient, some employers were funding them for workers.

Explaining the appeal of the cabins, Mr Joyce said: “It’s a cheaper form of housing. It’s much warmer than what use to be the case, insulated and with PVC windows available.”


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