Monday, May 24, 2021

Mick Galway and the Netwatch team at Carlow Rugby Club

MEMBERS of the Netwatch team in Carlow took part in a charity walk for Mental Health Ireland last week.

Netwatch ambassador Mick Galwey led the group walk last Wednesday, 19 May, with some help from Carlow Rugby Club to help drive awareness of this worthy cause, which is the longest-running mental health charity in Ireland. The team left the Netwatch office at 12.30pm for Carlow Rugby Club, where they took time out to catch up with one another while being socially distanced. This was in an effort to help highlight the importance of mental health and the power of talking among the team.

Like so many others, Netwatch employees have continued to provide a full 24/7 service throughout the pandemic, some attending the monitoring hubs daily and others managing their roles remotely from home. It has been a tough year for many, with feelings of isolation and lack of contact with colleagues, along with the fear of Covid-19. The team was delighted with the opportunity to link in with colleagues on a face-to-face basis again, even if it was just for a walk and a chat.

Netwatch says it’s proud to be continue its partnership with Carlow Rugby Club as its main sponsor and is grateful for the use of the grounds for the meet-up. It is hoped the initiative might encourage others to get involved in fundraising and highlight mental health issues.

Laura Murphy Netwatch marketing manager with Mick Galwey Netwatch ambassador at Carlow Rugby Club


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