Tuesday, June 08, 2021

Barriers blocking off a section of Dublin Road, Carlow


By Suzanne Pender

BARRIERS blocking off an area of Dublin Street in Carlow town have this week been described as not only a “disgrace” but “detrimental to business”. Jimmy Mulhall, owner of Coolanowle Foodhall, Dublin Street was highly critical of the ongoing presence of council barriers in front of the former Hanley’s House for Men building on the street.

“This area has been closed off for over three months now by the council and it is a disgrace,” stated Mr Mulhall.

“I am beside this and it is having a very detrimental effect on our business. There are three parking spaces gone and the dirt and filth is deterring people from shopping on Dublin Street,” added Mr Mulhall.

The businessman believes the issue has highlighted the need to start a debate on the future of the town centre, and Dublin Street in particular.

“The treatment of empty premises needs to be looked at, as it is creating dereliction in the street,” he said.

When contacted by The Nationalist, Carlow County Council director of services Padraig O’Gorman confirmed that the property in question is currently “subject to a dangerous structure notice” and therefore, for health and safety reasons, the local authority has cordoned off a section in front of the building. It is understood that the roof and chimney of the property is in need of repair and a fear of debris falling onto the street resulted in the barriers being put in place.

“We are engaging positively with the building owner, who will be appointing an engineer shortly and rectifying all matters and making the building safe,” stated Mr O’Gorman.

Mr O’Gorman accepted the concerns of Mr Mulhall, adding that the council would ensure the matter was dealt with swiftly and the area kept clean in the interim.


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