Friday, June 25, 2021

A JUDGE joked that a solicitor would put years on her after he mistakenly said that his client, who was present in the courtroom, was due a Covid-19 test. It wasn’t the first time a solicitor had mixed up a Covid-19 vaccine appointment with a test in Carlow courthouse, but the palpable shock at the news led to a memorable exchange in court.

Solicitor John O’Sullivan was dealing with an enforcement matter against his client when he mentioned that he was waiting for a Covid-19 test. The male client stood just feet away from his solicitor in the courtroom, which contained fewer than a dozen people. There have been strict Covid-19 protocols in place at Carlow courthouse, which has allowed the courts to be conducted throughout the pandemic.

As it appeared that a test was confirmed, a stunned Judge Geraldine Carthy ordered the defendant out of the courtroom.

The client, however, responded that he was actually expecting a Covid-19 jab.

There was relief in the court and good humour as Judge Carthy said to Mr O’Sullivan: “You are going to put years on me.”

It’s far from my intention,” said Mr O’Sullivan, who apologised for the confusion.

Fellow solicitor Joe Farrell chipped in a remark about Judge Carthy’s predecessor Colin Daly, who is now a circuit court judge and the possessor of a mane of silver hair. “When Judge Daly first came down, he was jet black,” said Mr Farrell.

Quick as a flash, Mr O’Sullivan replied: “And look at the success he went on to.”

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