Friday, August 06, 2021

CARLOW Co Council received five planning applications between 30 July and 6 August.



Sinead Byrne wishes to erect a fully serviced dwelling house and garage at Oakpark, Carlow.

Institute of Technology Carlow wishes to develop an air dome (1.428.7m2) for multi-use sports activities, primarily used for two indoor tennis courts at Mortarstown Upper, Kilkenny Road, Carlow. Works to include car park.


Patrick Kane wishes to retain partially constructed dwelling house as constructed and retention permission at Ardristan, Tullow.

David and Helen Meyers wish to demolish 24.53m2 of existing dwelling and construct a storey-and-a-half extension to the rear and a single storey extension to the side of dwelling at Tullowphelim, Tullow.

Maura Reade wishes to retain change of use from original single-storey garage and shed to domestic use (1 bed unit), associated utility area and storage at Riverview, Castledermot Road, Tullow.

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