Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Ann Shannon from Carlow, whose home will feature this Thursday night on RTE’s Home Rescue – The Big Fix! pictured with architect Róisín Murphy

By Suzanne Pender

A CARLOW family are about to have their home transformed by the magic of RTÉ’s Home Rescue – The Big Fix! when they take to our screens this Thursday night.

Ann ‘Sis’ Shannon, her son Matthew and her daughter Kayleigh from Mount Leinster Park, Carlow will feature on the hugely popular show which, in just five days, manages to declutter, redesign and rescue the heart of family life.

Architect Róisín Murphy, builder Peter Finn and their team set to work on Ann’s house, which is filled with clutter – from multiple appliances, kitchenware and utensils to the raw materials of Ann’s ongoing craft projects. We’ll see as Róisín arrives with a plan to make sense of the chaos and reclaim the space the family has lost, creating storage space outside, redesigning worktops and replacing a kitchen window with patio doors.

Róisín also has big plans to turn Sis’s bedroom from a chaotic storeroom into an elegant, minimalist boudoir.

But it’s not all plain sailing, as builder Peter and the crew get started on construction, when an already extensive rescue is made more complex with mislaid design drawings, last-minute changes to the paint scheme and the added challenge of repurposing a wardrobe as a pantry.

Meanwhile, Ann puts her heart into an epic clearout – no easy thing for a woman whose generosity of spirit means that she has never been willing or able to throw anything away!

It’s definitely one not to be missed and terrific excitement for Ann, her family and many friends in the town.

Home Rescue – The Big Fix will be screened this Thursday night, 25 November, on RTÉ2 at 9.30pm.

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