Thursday, January 20, 2022

Heavy traffic on the way into Tullow

By Suzanne Pender

IT WILL be a case of Tullow versus Bagenalstown to see which town will receive its much-longed-for bypass, council officials admitted last week.

At the online meeting of Carlow County Council, director of services Padraig O’Gorman confirmed that when the strategic report into Carlow town’s southern relief road is completed in early 2022 and then moves on to the development and submission stage, only then can Carlow Count Council begin the process of putting forward the case for either Tullow or Bagenalstown for their own relief road.

“Traffic count surveys will be carried out at each location and we will look at which is more necessary; the strategic assessment report will be led by the traffic count to determine the greater need,” said Mr O’Gorman. “We cannot submit anything to the department until that work is done.”

Mr O’Gorman stated that securing approval from the department is “substantial and complex”, accepting that it was also “resources consuming and time consuming”.

Cllr William Paton raised the issue of a relief road for Tullow, adding that over the past two-and-a-half years “all we get is lip service” in relation to the issue. Cllr John Pender supported the push for a bypass for Tullow, pointing out that over a decade ago it was “close to fruition”.

Mr O’Gorman stated that there were three projects to be considered, adding that progress can only be made on one at a time: an inner relief road or a bypass for Tullow and a bypass for Bagenalstown.


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