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On The Run Winner Ciara Griffin and her children with Darren Rice (l) and Niall Power (r)


‘I’m going on holiday next month, so I’m absolutely going to use it on that’ – Ciara Griffin


By Elizabeth Lee


A CARLOW woman has bagged a €2,000 bounty after she tracked down runaway Beat presenters Niall Power and Darren Rice in Kilkenny following a thrilling three-day escapade that caught the south-east by storm.

Ciara Griffin finally caught up with the elusive Beat jocks at The Parade in Kilkenny city on Wednesday afternoon in a thrilling culmination to what’s been one of the largest promotions in Beat’s 19-year history, scooping the €2,000 prize money.

Ciara said: ‘‘I can’t believe it, I’m shocked; I’m going on holiday next month, so I’m absolutely going to use it on that. Thanks a million, guys.’’

An initial prize fund of €1,000 was announced by the Beat 102-103 boss after Niall failed to show up for Beat Breakfast on Monday morning. Niall’s cohost Shonagh Lyons drafted Beat news editor Dean Egan in to present with her in Niall’s absence and, together with their listeners, they tried to piece together Niall’s possible whereabouts.

Following multiple failed attempts to establish contact with the presenter, the show received a phone call from fugitive Niall, who quickly informed concerned listeners that they would have to track him down if he was to return to the Beat breakfast hot seat.

Another no-show occurred later in the day when Darren Rice also failed to turn up to present his popular Beat Drive show at 4pm. The absence left Shonagh with no other choice but to deputise as presenter on Beat Drive. An increasingly irked Beat boss upped the ante with a €2,000 bounty for the Beat listener who found the pair. The message to Beat’s listeners was clear: if you don’t ask, you can’t win.

In the three days that followed, Niall and Darren travelled around the south-east donning disguises, leaving behind a trail of cryptic clues and calling cards for followers and Beat presenters to crack. Listeners were immediately gripped by the promotion and tried their best to track the elusive duo down but to no avail until the clues honed in on the presenters’ final location, Kilkenny city.

In what was a thrilling culmination to the cheeky pair’s runaway, eagle-eyed Ciara was the first of hundreds of listeners to track them down in person, winning an impressive €2,000 in the process.



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