Sunday, May 22, 2022

Tyndall College, Carlow’s colourful posters for sustainability day

By Suzanne Pender

TYNDALL College, Carlow joined post-primary schools across the Education and Training Boards sector last week to celebrate May Day for sustainability.

This showcase event on 10 May gave schools an opportunity to celebrate their engagement with education for sustainable development throughout the school environment.

To mark the event, Tyndall College, Carlow, in collaboration with Carlow County Council, reproduced large-sized versions of each of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Tyndall College teacher Aoife Gordon is the driving force behind the education for sustainable development activity at the school and she and her fellow teachers placed these creative SDG posters on various roads approaching Carlow town.

The Tyndall College project therefore not only spread the message of sustainability to every citizen in every town but also made a colourful impact.

The programme supports engagement with sustainable issues for all students in all classrooms and is supported by Tyndall College principal Gerry McGill, deputy principal Maria Quinn and Kilkenny Carlow ETB director of schools Pauline Egan.



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