Thursday, July 14, 2022

Members of Carlow Lions Club who assisted in the fortnightly Clean Carlow clean up

By Suzanne Pender

CARLOW Lions Club members took on the challenge of litter recently by joining in the ‘Clean Carlow’ regular litter pick.

The Lions Club team assisted in the fortnightly clean-up, focussing on areas around Webster’s Lock, Carlow Town Park, Carlow Rowing Club and the track along the River Burrin. The aim of the campaign is to present Carlow in the best possible light for both citizens and visitors.

“We live in a potentially beautiful town and it is important that all of us play our part in maintaining our living environment to the highest international standards,” said Lions Club president John Carley.

“All citizens should take personal responsibility in ensuring that litter is kept off the streets. We are involved in several initiatives to achieve these objectives. The fortnightly clean-up and the Conscious Cup campaigns are key goals of the club,” he added.


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