Thursday, July 28, 2022

Muireann Duffy

Swimmers in Dublin have been warned of the presence of dangerous Lions Mane jellyfish.

Fingal County Council issued the warning on Wednesday, urging bathers to be “extra vigilant on all of our beaches where Lions Mane jellyfish are found”.

The council added that even when the jellyfish is dead and washed up on the beach, “the venom stays in their tentacles for a few days”.

A sting from such a jellyfish can cause nausea, sweating, cramps, headaches and other symptoms, the council said, advising that anyone who gets a severe sting should seek urgent medical attention.

“With so many long trailing tentacles, there is a chance you could still get stung, even when you try not to swim near them,” the council said.

“Fragments of the Lions Man jellyfish’s tentacles that break off in the water will sting,” the statement added.

The council said sea conditions are ideal for Lions Mane jellyfish from the middle of August up to the second week of September, noting “there will be a noticeable increase in their numbers on our beaches and in our waters”.

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