Thursday, July 28, 2022

James Cox

Irish MEP Mick Wallace has criticised Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskiy for appearing on the digital cover of Vogue as he “sends the less privileged to war”.

Mr Wallace accused Mr Zelenskiy of facilitating a “US/Nato agenda” while the “compromised EU dances to US tune [sic]”.

In a Twitter post, Mr Wallace shared the Vogue cover featuring the Ukrainian president and first lady Olena Zelenska, and wrote: “They’re reports of Ukraine losing a 1000 soldiers a day, but seems #Zelinsky is safe, as he sends the less privileged to War to facilitate the #US #NATO agenda, while an inept and compromised #EU dances to US tune, at the expense of their citizens with self Defeating Sanctions…”

Mr Wallace and fellow Irish MEP Clare Daly have been criticised for their controversial views on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine since president Vladimir Putin started the war on February 24th.

The Independents 4 Change members were among 13 MEPs to vote against a European Parliament resolution condemning Russian aggression, which also argued in favour of the speeding up of Ukraine’s candidacy for EU membership.

While both Mr Wallace and Ms Daly have said Russia’s invasion is wrong, they have accused the United States and Nato of being just as responsible as the Kremlin for the ongoing war.

Mr Zelenskiy and Ms Zelenska were also interviewed by Vogue along with the photoshoot.

“These have been the most horrible months of my life, and the lives of every Ukrainian,” Ms Zelenska told the magazine, speaking her country’s language through a translator. “Frankly I don’t think anyone is aware of how we have managed emotionally.”

She added: “We’re looking forward to victory. We have no doubt we will prevail. And this is what keeps us going.”

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