Monday, August 01, 2022

Carlow gardaí are urging homeowners to secure their oil tanks with soaring costs making fuel thefts more lucrative for criminals.

Speaking at the recent meeting of Carlow Joint Policing Committee, Superintendent Aidan Brennan said there had also been a “couple” of thefts of home heating oil this year in Carlow and it was a trend he would not like to see grow.

“We’d ask people to really take care and make sure their oil tanks are locked. With the price of oil and diesel. It’s an offence that we could see a rise in. We’d hate to see that.”

Last month, there was a spate of thefts of heating oil in Laois and Offaly sparking gardaí also to issue a warning. Security issues to consider is the proximity of the tank to the home, security lights, while a good quality padlock should be the starting point for homeowners.

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