Monday, August 01, 2022

Efforts to house refugees, the cost of security on rail and Dart lines, and bank services are all topics that feature on Monday’s front pages.

‘Huge lifestyle changes’ will be needed to meet climate targets, The Irish Times reports.

Irish Rail has paid private security firms €23 million in the past five years, according to the Irish Examiner.

Banks are deliberately trying to drive customers away, according to the Irish Independent‘s lead story.


The UK front pages focus on England’s jubilation at football coming “home” and the latest from the Tory leadership race.

“It’s home!” declares the Daily Express, The Guardian calls the side “game changers” in its headline and the Daily Star praises the Lionesses as “roarsome!”

There will be “no more years of hurt”, according to Metro, the Daily Mirror says the team are “history makers” and The Times notes the Queen called them “inspirational”.

The Daily Mail marvels that “it wasn’t a dream”, The Independent simply refers to the victory as “history” while The Sun uses its wrap to send a message to the Three Lions: “Move over fellas.. it’s home!”

The Daily Telegraph and i, meanwhile, focus on the hustings where Rishi Sunak has vowed to cut income tax by 4p with seven years.

And European powers have eased efforts to curb trade in Russian oil amid inflation and energy fears, according to the Financial Times.

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