Friday, August 05, 2022

By PA Reporter

On Friday’s front pages, the bodies of a brother and sister who drowned after they got into difficulty while swimming off Ballybunion in north Kerry have been recovered, while companies who produce wind energy have seen revenue sky-rocket as electricity prices soar.

The Irish Times reports that revenue from big power companies’ wind farms are multiplying as electricity prices soar, official estimates show. It also reports that State bodies asked to find properties for housing were told to go back to the drawing board after offering disused harbour masters’ cottages and “marriage quarters” in Garda stations, and making stipulations that some homes could only be built for Irish speakers.

The Irish Examiner reports Irish food and agri-businesses are bracing themselves for the impact of a year-long recession in Britain, which represents 30 per cent of their export market. It also reports a swimming coach has been granted bail pending trial after gardaí charged him with making child abuse images and sexual exploitation at a pool in Dublin.

The Irish Independent features an exclusive interview with former Taoiseach Brian Cowen about his 12-month recovery in hospital as a result of a stroke.

The Echo reports that a total of 384 pubs have closed in Cork since 2005, marking a 28.5 per cent decline in the trade. While 67 per cent of rent increases reviewed by a housing charity in Cork during the first six months of 2022 were found to be invalid.

The Irish Daily Mail reports that a man and a woman drowned in Kerry after one made a heroic attempt to save the other. It also reports that Garda Commissioner Drew Harris has said a review “turning over every stone” into the case of disgraced ex-garda Paul Moody, found guilty of coercive control, is under way.

The Irish Sun reports former FAI chief John Delaney told of his joy of getting to introduce his late mother too his daughter before she died.

The Irish Daily Star also reports on John Delaney in mourning after his mother’s death. The double Kerry drowning also features across the front page after a brother and sister died while swimming off Ballybunion.

Meanwhile, in the UK, fears about Britain’s “big squeeze” are splashed across the front pages as the working week concludes.

The Guardian reports the Bank of England (BoE) has raised rates and warned of 13% inflation, The Times says “Britain slides into crisis” and the Daily Express tells its readers to “batten down the hatches”.

The BoE has warned of a year-long recession, according to the Financial Times and The Independent, while Metro and i refer to the time ahead as “the big squeeze”.

The recession will cause the biggest income drop on record amid surging energy prices, says The Daily Telegraph.

“Just where are our leaders?” asks the Daily Mirror, which notes the Prime Minister and Chancellor are currently on holidays.

Critics accuse BoE Governor Andrew Bailey of being “asleep at the wheel”, reports the Daily Mail, which adds the banker is “running out of credit”.

And the Daily Star acknowledges the “bad news” about the economy but also carries “good news” that the Premier League resumes tonight.

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