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SPORT can be funny. Going into the 2018 European Championships, Marcus Lawler had ran the times leading up to the event to suggest he could leave a real mark on the Championships in Munich. This time around, his times this year suggest he’s not quite in the same form but could that lead to him surprising people?

Marcus Lawler runs in the 200m heats at the European Championships in Munich today
Photo: ©INPHO/Bryan Keane

“In 2018, back then I was going in with a big PB and probably thought I could get close to a final. I got a very rude awakening, gone in the first round. This time I’m going in a little bit down the list of season’s best, but I’m quietly confident I can deliver a good performance. Hopefully a good performance in round one and then take it race by race,” said the 27-year-old, who will run in the 200m heats today at 11.30am.

Lawler, who competed at the last Olympics suggest that Covid arrived at a particularly bad time for the sprinter.

“In 2019 I was running 20.55, but then the pandemic arrived and I just felt it might have knocked that momentum away from me. In order to get down to 20.4 and 20.5, I’ve got to be knocking out that 20.7 consistently. I’ve ran it once this year and I also ran a couple of 20.9s that I thought were worth a little bit more.

“If I can knock out that 20.7 consistently hopefully the drop to that 20.4/20.5 range will come again,” said.

Preparations this season have been hampered by injury, which had led to Lawler running more often at 400m rather than his favourite 200m, even winning a silver in the National Championships at that distance.

However, he insisted that the shorter distance was always his focus.

“I’m a 200m runner at the moment, very much so.”

Lawler has changed coaches from his mother Patricia to renowned sprint coach Shane McCormack but his mother will be there, as well as his girlfriend Muireann, to cheer him on as opposed to racing at the Tokyo Olympics in front of empty stands.

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