Saturday, August 20, 2022

Kenneth Fox

Minister of State Robert Troy has declined to confirm when a rental tenancy at his former primary residence, which began nine months ago, was registered.

As the Irish Examiner reports, the property, on the site of the Ballynacarrigy Post Office, has been rented since last November, according to a statement made by Mr Troy on Thursday and confirmed by the tenant on Friday.

It is a legal requirement for all rentals to be registered with the Residential Tenancies Board.

An online search for the property was displaying no returns on Friday evening and sources within the RTB confirmed that at that point the property had not yet been registered on the board’s system.

A spokesperson for the board said the online register of tenancies is the official register of all tenancies registered with the RTB.

Mr Troy had not responded when contacted earlier on Friday to ask why the property was not being returned by way of an online search of the register.

When advised that confirmation had been received that the rental was not apparently registered, Mr Troy replied with an RTB number with the prefix ‘RT-0822’ which he said represented the registration number for the post office property.

Asked if the property had been registered in August 2022, Mr Troy did not respond. As of Friday evening, the RTB register was still not returning any results for the post office rental.

Separately, a property Mr Troy has declared as providing him with rental income at Cathedral Street in Mullingar appeared within the RTB register overnight on Friday.

Mr Troy had not responded to questions on Thursday as to why the Cathedral View property did not appear to be registered with the RTB.

On Friday, a search for the same eircode as used on Thursday returned four results, where previously none had been found.

Mr Troy did not reply on Friday evening when asked for a copy of the equivalent registration number for Cathedral View that he had already provided for the Ballynacarrigy property.

The Minister has declared the Cathedral View rental property on an annual basis on his Dail register of interests since he became a TD in 2011.

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