Wednesday, September 07, 2022

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The appointment of Britain’s new prime minister and measures to address the cost of living are covered across the national newspapers on Wednesday.

The Irish Times leads with an image of Liz Truss meeting Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II at Balmoral, where she was invited to form a government following Boris Johnson’s resignation.

The paper also reports that the Government’s cost-of-living package in the upcoming budget could total €2 billion.

The Irish Examiner reports ‘Public buildings not energy efficient’ following discussions between the three Coalition leaders on how energy usage in public buildings can be reduced facing the winter.

The paper also carries a piece on the UN atomic watchdog agency’s calls for a safezone to be established around Zaporizhzhia power plant in Ukraine, amid mounting fears the fighting could trigger a catastrophe.

The Echo carries the headline: ‘People must protest’, reporting on a demonstration planned by the Cork Cost of Living Campaign for September 17th.

In Britain, the national papers are wholly led by Liz Truss officially taking the helm at No 10.

“We can ride out the storm” is the headline on The Daily Telegraph, the Daily Mail, Daily Express and The Times as Ms Truss made her first speech as British prime minister.

The slogan also adorns the front page of Metro.

The Guardian reports the new prime minister has vowed to solve the cost-of-living crisis with a plan to freeze energy bills, while the i says “the Truss era begins with (a) tax warning”.

The Independent leads with Ms Truss appointing the members of her cabinet, with a former MP telling the paper of their fears it was amounting to a “cabinet of cronies”.

The Daily Mirror calls on the new Tory prime minister to “fix the Britain you lot broke”.

The Sun dedicates its front page to the moment Ms Truss met with Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II at Balmoral.

And the Daily Star says Britain is “running out of clowns” due to visa problems stemming from the war in Ukraine.

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