Tuesday, September 13, 2022


Bridget and Tommy Hickson in the seating area of their SuperValu store in Tullow


By Elizabeth Lee


THE owners of a supermarket in Tullow have announced that their shop has a warm and safe welcome for school-goers who may have missed their lift home or who have a period of time to kill before they’re collected.

Tommy and Bridget Hickson of SuperValu posted on social media that youngsters from Tullow Community School, or any school, who missed their lift home would be welcome to come into their shop and wait.

“We have a sit-down area where they can come in and wait for their lift home in a warm, safe place,” Tommy told The Nationalist. “My wife, Bridget, being a mother, came up with the idea. Now with the dark evenings coming in, she thought that it would be a good if a student who missed their lift home or had to wait to be collected for whatever reason, they could come into our shop where it’s safe, warm and dry. They’re under no obligation to buy anything either and they can also use our phone kiosk if they need it.”

Since they reached out to parents on social media, Tommy and Bridget are delighted with the reaction they’ve received from grateful parents.

“It’s been really well received, lots of people have mentioned it. It’s only a small gesture to help out our community, but it’s gotten a great reaction,” continued Tommy.

A schoolboy waits to be collected

Tommy, who comes from a family of grocers, recently relaunched his shop, which is in the centre of Tullow town. Included in the revamp is a delicatessen and coffee dock, as well as a seating area, just inside the front door on Tullow’s Bridge Street, which may well become a safe haven for teenagers.





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